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A look back at last Summer »

We just stumbled on this BNQT article from last year, and it brought up some great memories from our time at the US Open of Surfing. It’s funny to think that at the time, leveraging Instagram was rare for a brand (let alone a live Instagram feed at the beach) … oh how times have changed.  We sure do live in a fast-paced marketing world! #keepuporfallbehind

Brands Are Using Social Media Wrong »

Who would have guessed that consumers ignore the “white-noise” spewing forth from brands these days…and who would have thought that they would be more engaged when brands focus on posts relevant to their brand?

Wait a second…seems pretty obvious, unfortunately most brand cultures aren’t built around a cohesive understanding of themselves and so this supposed two-way conversation with their consumer turns into a bunch of BS posts screaming for attention.  Advice: be true to your brand!

Sean Woolsey - The Man Behind Our Furniture »

Our good friend Sean Woolsey got some well-deserved press on Cool Hunting.  See for yourself why we have Sean build all of our SYL office furniture!

Sean Woolsey @ SYL

Is Marketing "Dead"? Saatchi's CEO Thinks So »

We’ve always believed that to engage in today’s world, brands need to live side by side with their consumers and not market to them.

The Bilinda Butchers »

In my opinion this is by far the best EP of 2012 thus far.  Indie Pop/Dream Pop … Can’t stop listening!

~ Andy

Pop Up Shop »

When I think pop up shop, I don’t imagine the NFL. So marketing firm MKTG imagined it up for us all. The NYC NFL pop up shop opened today.I am pretty sure it will be the highest grossing pop up shop of all time. The NFL is big business, and now a very cool business. 


PacSun Music Hub Launched

PacSun needed a home for their growing music program so we concepted a website to showcase the PacSun sound.  We delivered a content rich blog-centered site featuring exclusive videos, a Facebook tab with free downloads, featured artists of the month, a custom PacSun event finder, pop-out embeddable player and more, all focused around the energy and diversity of California culture. The Lads currently concept, curate, and produce all content for the site.

Check out the new and unreleased track from Roy English “As We Grow Older” 

Capital isn’t scarce; vision is
—Sam Walton
Experience Is The Next Frontier In Marketing #duh »

Love the article and agree, but this certainly is nothing new.